deleted 2017

In the work DELETED (a temporary title for this work in progress), I use a small camera

with a fixed lens. I photograph crowds in public places, groups of strangers, families,
and singles, on trips, at public events, at tourist attractions and in nature.
After shooting the images I begin work on the computer, erasing people from the image.
Anyone who is interacting with another, is removed. This deletion is crude and leaves
traces of the erasure so that the erased figures can be seen when looking for them. This
process of enlarging the images on the computer and working on the finest details,
entails and facilitiates profound examination of the scene in the image.
I explore who is designated to disappear and who is to be saved this time. An attempt
to interpret the relationships and the nothingness, what remains after it is all over? Are
we together? Or alone? I try to decipher the need for touch, the dissonance between
intimacy and loneliness. The final result shows the missing presence, and I am back to
the topic of separation and loss.
The act of deletion is a futile attempt to avoid the pain of separation, an attempt which,
although it is doomed to failure, generates beauty and significance in my life
art work
art work