Photography is my way of speaking without talking. Over the years I have been
occupied with that which is in-between: the gap between me and the external world, the
discrepancy between having and not having, what is and isn’t, the link between what is
allowed and what is prohibited and between what is wonderful to me and what I find
appalling. Some of my work is photographed in the studio where I have relative control
over what happens, and some is done outside where I depend on heavenly light and
In my series FEARLESS 
 the images reflect a point of view that sees all the contradictions; that moment which I
choose to catch on camera, exists between beauty and ugliness, it sees the inherent
benefits and the threats. There is a connecting thread of danger and suspense, a fine
line that separates sanity from lunacy, and in that space we find life, home, family,
children, emotions, passion. And in life- also death. I wander about and see those who
don’t stop at a red traffic light, horses intimidating a beach that a moment ago was
peaceful, a tail with no cat, and at the same time I see beauty, gentleness, humaneness
and compassion, the sea and so much blue everywhere.
My view point is always aware of both extremes and my photos strive for neutral
ground: not judging, not taking a stand, only showing that not everything is good, nor is

it all bad.