art project

During the past two years I’ve been working on a photography project, looking into challenging subjects such as belonging, gender match and self definition of teenagers and young adults
My project is constructed of classic portraits taken in a studio, then printed and presented in public buildings’ windows.
My desire is to show and expose to the public young people, who are often being ignored and don’t always fit to the acceptable social norms and who challenge common gender definitions.
The participants go through a process of self encounter, where they can explore their own viewpoints and personal experiences in relation to the subject matter.
Meeting them through the camera lens, I take pictures with no pre-judgement, lending them an attentive ear and an objective eye, that sees them exactly as they are. They are not requested to make any changes or meet any demandsWhere an open conversation on these issues can get too challenging and complex for these age groups, my project enables and opens a helpful channel of nonverbal communication and
self expression.